Maharaj Agrasen established the republican state of Agroha. Agroha consisted of 18 state units. The head of each state unit was given a Gotra. All the residents of that particular state unit were identified by that Gotra. It was maintained by Maharaj Agrasen that a nupital alliance could not take place in the same Gotra. That is a girl of Goel Gotra could not marry a Goel Gotra boy , but could be married in any of the other 17 Gotra. This rule enunciated by Maharaj Agrasen promoted harmony and brotherhood among all the 18 Gotra represented by state units. This facilitated promotion of unity and nationalism among the state units.

During modern times, many Agrawals have adopted their gotra name as their surname. Many others use surnames linked with the place of their origin. Eg: Jhunjhunwala, Kediya, Gindodiya etc.

Gotra Original Gotra Saint (Guru) Branch Sutra
Airan/Aeron Aurva Atri/Aaurva Madhyadini/Madhuri Kaatyayni
Bansal Vatsya Vishist/Vatsa Kouthmi/Kauttham Gobhil
Bindal/Vindal Vishist Yavasya/Vashista Madhuri Kaatyayni
Bhandal Dhoumya Bhardwaj Madhyadini/Madhuri Kaatyayni
Dharan/Deran Dhanyas Bhekaar/Ghaumya Madhuri Kaatyayni
Garg/Gargeya Gargasya Gargacharya or Garg Madhuri Kaatyayni
Goyal/Goel Gomil Gautam/Gobhil Madhuri Kaatyayni
Goyan/Goin/Goyanor/Gangal Gautan Purohit/Gautam Madhyadini/Madhuri Kaatyayni
Jindal Gemino Bruhaspati/Jaimini Madhyadini/Madhuri Kaatyayni
Kansal Kaushik Kaushik Madhyadini/Madhuri Kaatyayni
Kuchhal/Kachal/Kuchchal Kashyap Kush/Kashyap Kosami/Kauttham Komaal
Madhukul/Mudgal Mudgal Aashvalayan/Mudga Saalaya/Sakalya Aslayin
Mangal Maandav Mudragal/Mandavya Sakalya Asusai
Mittal Maitreya Vishwamitra/Maitreya Madhyadini/Madhuri Kaatyayni
Naagil/Nangal/Nagal Naagend Kaudalya/Nagendra Kouthmi/Kauttham Aslayin
Singhal/Singla Shandalya Shringi/Shandilya Koyumi/Kauttham Gobhil
Taitireya Saakal/Taitireya Madhyadini/Aausthambh Kaatyayni